Flambo is a blockchain-native ad platform to help you grow your web3 user base.

After my PhD, I joined the Entrepreneur First program in April 2022 at Station F in Paris (France), to find a cofounder and launch a startup.

There I met my cofounder Vlad and we started Flambo, enabling NFT projects and brands acquire new users directly on the blockchain.

As the CTO (Chief Technology Officer), I developed the entire advertising platform, including the frontend (Next.js & React), backend (NestJS & TypeScript), infrastructure (AWS) and blockchain code (Solidity).

I’ve developed a new type of NFT, called Ephemeral NFT.

An Ephemeral NFT is an NFT that disappears from the user’s wallet after a variable period of time.

Visit our website to find out more about the project: www.flambo.xyz 🔥

And don’t forget to follow our journey on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, it helps us a lot!

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Flambo website Flambo website

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Flambo ad creation Flambo ad creation

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Arnaud Favier

Entrepreneur, cofounder & CTO at Flambo, PhD in computer science and software engineer

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